Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Girl's room - a couple of projects

I'm all done ranting and raving and am getting back into the grove...
 I found a great fabric to go in The Girl's room:
It's called Kajsastina from IKEA and is a cute little daisy print, grey with white,  the perfect scale and color for a couple of projects and it comes in a dark grey background, too. This wicker basket is home to her basketballs, but with a new liner, she may use it for other things.  I cut the old liner at the seams to make my pattern.  I didn't make a drawstring for it to be snug around the top but I might add that later.
I think it came out jazzy!
I also covered this little goodie:
using modge podge and few clips
Again, I think it's an improvement!
Slowly but surely I am getting a few little things done - her room still looks like a bomb went off - full of boxes, etc.  The big project is still to come: painting.  The comforter above is a deep plum. The walls will probably be done in a soft grey lavender.  Meanwhile, what to do about the memo and bulletin boards?


Marie said...

You are so creative! I am sure the room
will turn out fabulous! Love the daisy fabric.

Lori said...

At first I saw the grey and though, hmm.... BUT then I saw the purple and though, AHHH!!! I love it. Love the combo.


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