Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting ready for summer

It's just wrong that we had a day with 100 plus temp yesterday.  It's barely May.  And it's just wrong that my favorite pair of shorts are so groddy now because I've pulled them on before each "project" I've undertaken lately that requires paint. Or varnish. Or grime.
Dare I cut them up?
They are "man shorts" I'm pretty sure.  I got them at Goodwill   a couple summers ago and I love how they fit.  I figured I could cut them apart and use the painted and stained parts to cut out new shorts.
And I did!
 I modified the pocket, which was manly. I don't use the pockets all that much, anyhoo,
but they will still be functional.
I spent a whopping $5 on the fabric and have a little left; I think I'll make potholders with it.  And, next time, I'll make the waist a little longer and the legs a little narrower, 
but these will be cool and comfy as the temp climbs...

And I also need to work on getting the boys some shorts - time to put the jeans away!


Jennifer Juniper said...

You're so crafty! Love the transformation :)

Marie said...

Love the new shorts...denim is always a favorite. I admire anyone who can make clothes!


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