Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hanging out

These days we are mostly a Boy household - The Girl is finishing up high school with all that entails and working two jobs.  So, we don't see her as often as we'd like.  I think this fact is not lost on the boys.  Who knows how they feel about it - they don't come right out and say.  But, they've been "clumping together" more and more.  It's not  like they wouldn't hang out together, as they all share a love of electronics, much to my dismay.
The day I took these pics might have been the only day Bubbie actually rested in his bed after school, even tho here he is shown sitting up.  What a grouch he's been lately! I don't remember the other two having hormonal/sleep issues...
So here is where I found them when I yelled "Chow Call" and no one answered.  Just hanging out, each in his own little electronic world, but at least in the same room.  Which I guess, is pretty nice - no one hollering 
"get outta my room"  like we did growing up.
I am glad they are close enough to enjoy the quiet company of each other.

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