Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Move over, Joe, I'm comin' in!

To the hamster cage, that is. Where I will do the same thing there that I do all day long.  Run around in circles, trying to get things done, while making some sort of headway on the other, more fun projects that I would like to be doing!  The "have to do's" are starting to outnumber the "want to do's", in other words.   The kids do help, but I can hardly send them out into the world to grocery shop.  Or run to the scout shop for Dad.  Or go to the post office. Get the car oil changed. Take the deposit to the bank. Pay the bills on-line. And I do not want them ironing.   And really, I have to handle the meal making, the laundry loading, the general grunge.  It's not that my standards are high,  there's just many of us.  And I always think, "Well, there's tomorrow".  And sometimes it gets done, and sometimes put off. 
But always, I am running... 

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