Friday, January 15, 2010

Green around the gills

That's what this color of green reminds me's a little sickly.  It used to be so pretty in here - I forget the name of it, but it's a Martha Stewart color and the darker version of it is under the chair rails.  However, with the new furniture colors and curtains it's just not right. The light in here makes it look mint green.  
Not pretty.
Also, I hate the arrangement of junk on the shelf.  Way too much stuff.  Plus, we now have little to no blue in these rooms, so that lampshade has got to go. My plan is to paint the walls of the living room nook a sandy color. I think it will look good with the furniture and a couple of things I want to leave on the shelf.  All of the family portraits cannot stay. Nor the Bundles of silk flowers in Hard Rock Cafe drink glasses.
Nor that wrought iron thingy on the wall.
I do have a fair amount of crystal stuff that,  if I place strategically, might look nice.  Ever notice how one change to a room seems to spawn about a dozen others?

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