Friday, May 7, 2021

5 thing Friday - weather, insects, bluebonnets, paperwork, meatloaf

We can't be at highlands this weekend because I am on call.  This always makes Hubby grumpy.  And really, truth be told, if I didn't stay busy all weekend, it would make me feel grumpy, too.
I hope my peeps will remember to at least call me!
Last Saturday we tried making a firepit in the evening to drink our wine by, and the weather did not cooperate.  It was misty.  Then started raining.  Then storming.  And we finally gave up and went inside the Barn.
But lo and behold, the next day was beautiful.  Crazy Texas weather.  We've had so much rain, hail, and wind lately.  Usually things settle down right after March.  We keep getting one storm after another but have had only minor damage.  Something to consider for the future house. 
I was hoping that all of the various insects would not be biblical plague proportion this summer, but its anyone's guess how the weather has affected the grasshoppers, scorpions, etc. so far.
Bluebonnets were not impressive this year.  Anywhere in Texas.  Was it the polar vortex apocalypse February we had?  Hopefully I can collect the seed pods before they disburse.  I would like to have a dedicated wildflower patch at Highlands.
We are refinancing Highlands  So my dining table doubles as a staging area for all of the paperwork we have to assemble.  Its a good thing I take records retention seriously.  Today is the day!
Dinner last night was a DELISH turkey meatloaf that featured sauteed onions and peppers and a spicy sweet tomato glaze.  I served it with pan fried squash and a baked sweet potato, and could have licked my plate clean.  With the exception of making us dinner on Sunday, I have zero plans to spend Mother's Day weekend at the stove cooking!


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