Friday, December 1, 2017

5 thing Friday - Gus, Sidecar, Scout, birthday, Santa's helper

My sister and I have called a truce, of sorts.  We have been communicating about our Mother and we even came up with a schedule to call her and visit her.  That way, we don't double up and leave big empty spaces of time when no one is checking on her.
Gus approves.
Hubby and I visited Sidecar Tasting Room one day a couple weekends ago.  They have a cute little house in the middle of Dripping Springs.  Cozy places to sit...
...outside or in...
and a fun place to play a game of cards or whatever.  I love the vintage-y wallpaper.  And the Snake Charmer wine was delightful!
Scout and Michelle had us over for dinner at their new place.  Its so new, there are still boxes to unpack!  They made steaks with mushroom butter, green beans, and mashed potatoes with gravy.  It was all so good!  We met the three (yes, three) kitties and had a nice time visiting.
Birthday #57 happened.  Hubby bought me a pretty bracelet that matches a pendant he bought me a few years ago.  When I showed him how they matched he didn't even remember that he had bought it - but said he thought it was a pretty design (again).  He just happened upon the bracelet.  It was meant to be mine, I guess!
The Girl was a huge help to me over the Thanksgiving holiday, getting all the Christmas down and hanging ornaments and lights.  I could not have done it without her - I was so tired!  I think I ran the dishwasher twice a day and stood cooking til my feet throbbed!  But I had such a great time.  I am looking forward to Christmas!
Happy December!

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