Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Checking in on a hump day...

I'm not really sure of who all is reading my little ole blog, but I love to post here, and I haven't really been able to until this's been a very busy time since last Friday.  I had every intention of posting all about Bubbie's graduation, but things just got busy and I thought "oh, I'll never catch up!"
But I did take the time to "borrow" some pretty shots from my favorite photographer's blog:
 {I think these are the tiny flowers\weeds that cover the ground at Highlands}
Maybe in the next 5 thing Friday post I will re-cap.  Maybe this week.  I don't know - I feel a little frazzled still with all I need to do.  In fact, I need to get up from here and get ready to leave the house!
I've also felt under the weather - scraped my lower leg and had a big bout of vertigo.  So, in with all the other things I am trying to get done, I'll be visiting my doc.  {Gory pics might be posted on the other blog, we'll see.}  Life happens.  I'm pretty happy it's June and Hump Day!  Now to get on with the rest of my week...

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Simply LKJ said...

Hang in there friend. I haven't posted in months. Just so many other things occupying my time right now. Feel better soon.


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