Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wednesday menus #14 and Texas forever

Texas is my forever home.  Doesn't really matter what exact area of the state I am in - as long as it's not the coast.  The coast, I do not care for.  Maybe it's the weather {hot and sticky}, or the experiences [mostly unhappy}.  Either way, I have been happier in Central Texas than I ever was in the Pandhandle or at the coast.  The Panhandle is a mostly sad memories thing...  And since I have lived in Austin for 30 plus years, let's just call it my forever heart home!
I wouldn't consider myself a country girl by any stretch of the imagination, but wide open spaces make my heart happy.  And meadows or ranchland.  Or hill country.  And bluebonnets.
 You don't really want to go rolling around in them... they're most likely full of fire ants...
Wednesday - One Pot Chicken Enchilada Pasta, salad
Thursday - Homestyle baked beans with mesquite smoked brisket sausage, zucchini
Friday - Pizza Meatloaf, mini baked red potatoes, peas and carrots
Saturday - Dad grills
Sunday - Turkey Breast in crockpot, masheds, freezer veggie
Monday - Beef taco Rio Salads
Tuesday - Pork Roast Quesadillas, guacacmole
Dessert this week:  Berry Crunch Squares
 This is the bar at Saddlehorn, looking into the tank room.  I sat and had a tasting, and bought a couple of bottles to take home, then I went out on to the patio to decompress on a Friday afternoon...
 And this is the view from the north patio, right... left.  Big open spaces, so much sky...what a view.  I sat sipping my Cab and listening to the breezes, and feeling the warmth from an early Spring.  
And loving every minute of it. 

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The Happy Whisk said...

You had me at, Berry Crunch Squares.


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