Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday menus #13, and when you work too many hours...

When you work too many hours at work, picking up extra call and helping out while we are short-staffed, there's always a downside.  Sure, it's great to earn OT, especially since Hubby will soon be having eye surgery and I have loads of projects I would like to fund.  But the downside is this:  homelife tends to suffer.
Mom tends to be grouchy, going to bed at night super early and leaving before everyone else in the morning.  Meals and lunches tend to be haphazard, or on the unusual, if not tasty, side.  (see photo) Laundry and ironing piles up.  Paying Mabel's registration tags gets forgotten.  oops.  The floors get sticky.  And the general infrastructure here suffers.  It's a good thing I am sorta organized and have my trusty lists to help right this ship when days off come back today.
Wednesday - Pan-fried Italian chicken thighs, brussel sprouts
Thursday - BBQ seasoned pork chops, pintos, Tex Mex Corn Bread
Friday - Southwestern Potato Casserole with Spam (YUM), carrots
Saturday - Dad grills
Sunday - Mom brings home Chinese?
Monday - Creamy Bacon Pasta, salad
Tuesday - Eggs, King Cake Bubble Up

Dessert this week will be a pie of some sort...
Now, I realize that if you look at those menus you might think "Girl, those dinners look delish but not particularly healthy".  And you'd be right.  But I would just like to point out that dinner is as much about letting your family know that you love them and want them to be happy, as it is about eating healthily. Plus, thank you for putting up with my being terrible for two weeks on end.  And whatever makes people leave the table with full tummies and a smile, is all right with me!  As long as I'm not overdoing it at work this week, we're good... 


Rue said...

Gina, my friend, you don't even need to explain. I try to eat organic for the most part, but when I'm driving home from visiting John and it's been three hours... damn right I'm going to stop and get tacos at Jack in the Box. Those things are delicious! LOL!

I hope you get some much needed time off and hopefully enjoy your weekend.


The Happy Whisk said...

What did you end up getting for your takeaway? Sometimes Hubby brings home pizza when I'm busy with home projects. I cannot eat the pizza but for me, it's easy, a big bowl of veggies. Still, I love that he has the pizza option, helps me out a great deal when I've got my big nose in a new house project.


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