Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday menus #7 and turkey 2.0

The dealership that Firstborn works at always gives them a turkey for the holidays.  He's a bachelor with no need for such a off to mom and dad it goes!  I wait a while after the holidays, then roast it up on a day off.
I love roasting a whole turkey with the intent to cut the meat up for several meals.  It makes the house smell wonderful, reminds me of Thanksgiving...Every part of the bird will get used: the meat will be divided up into zip locs, the drippings will be saved for gravy, and the bones will make great soup stock.
Stock gently simmering...
...roasting pan clean.
Wednesday - Coney Islands (with homemade turkey chili), tots
Thursday - Easy Parmesan Garlic Chicken Breasts, cabbage and carrots
Friday - Tilapia Mexicano, salad with avocado
Saturday - Hubby grills
Sunday - (freezer) Crock pot Beef Tips with Gravy, mashed potatoes, veggie or salad
Monday - Turkey Stir Fry with brown rice (from the bird above!)
Tuesday - Crock pot of beans with bacon, cornbread
Cooked turkey, ready for a meal!
Stock! I will skim off the fat and freeze in a Ball jar.
I recently cleaned out the freezer and have been good about using up what is left in there.  But its great to have some cooked turkey all cut up and ready to go.  As a birthday gift, I got a cookbook with ideas for rotisserie chicken meat, and I am going to adapt the recipes for turkey.  And, I plan on making my own pie crusts to freeze so turkey pot pies will be a breeze!  

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