Monday, December 12, 2016

What the week holds and a cute red wagon

In August I found this gem on the very top of a dumpster my neighbors had filled as they were moving out:
It was missing the handle, but it was otherwise in good enough shape to use for a crafty purpose.  It lived by the door for about four months, waiting to be filled with little Christmas trees and pine cones.
I didn't buy anything.  I had some terracotta pots, lots of pinecones, and some scraps of berry sprays, greenery, and red ribbon from Christmases past.
There's a big empty blank space behind the wagon that I have never quite figured out what to do with?  Bird bath? No. Garden statue? No. It doesn't get full sun in that corner, so I am limited by that.
This week I have to make some serious Christmas shopping strides!  I have early morning and late afternoon obligations on Wednesday, but other than that, I am FREE to get some things done.  As the years go by, I notice I fall further and further behind in my shopping.  And I do so much more of it on-line.  What about you?  Got all of your shopping done yet?

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