Monday, December 5, 2016

What the week holds, and bourbon on the patio

I got about five pics from Thanksgiving day and here are two of them:
For real.  We were having a good time and I just didn't think about taking photos!  After a huge lunch we spiked our root beer and Vanilla Coke with bourbon, then played games on the patio all afternoon.  We had a fire pit going and the weather was perfect.  We will remember the fun we had, pictures or no.
Teddy loves having a backyard to play in.  He was one worn out doggie by the time Sunday rolled around - moving on Wednesday, Thanksgiving on Thursday, the tree farm on Friday, the Burnet property on Sunday...he probably need a rest from his mini vacay of running laps like a looney and smelling all of the good smells.
This week, I am on call, which may complicate things a bit - we'll see.  Monday there is a mini tree activity at work I would like to attend, a Winter Band Concert with my favorite euphonium player on Tuesday, PT and regular doc appointments for me W and TH, then on Friday, my friend Carol and I are going to San Antonio to see BILLY JOEL!  Her family bought the tickets, her hubby is paying for our room!  Saturday I am off and will take her here and here for wine pick up parties.  Meanwhile, Hubby and Bubby (and friends) will be working on his Eagle Scout project at the church near our house.(I feel a tiny bit guilty, but it's Carol's birthday and we almost never get a chance to do a fun Girl's Weekend!)  The holidays here are no holiday from biz-zee.  
What does your week look like?

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bj said...

My busy time was last week and the weekend. It's always a fun time of year with parties, baking, dinners and the infamous Christmas as I age, I sure do get tired quick...have to take mini breaks, naps, a glass or two of wine, along the way...


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