Friday, December 2, 2016

Adventures in moving

Last week we moved The Girl from her two bedroom apartment on the third floor, to her one bedroom apartment on the 5th floor.  It was an all day doing, commencing at early-thirty.
We packed a peanut butter waffle breakfast and headed for Houston.  According to The Girl, it was storming there, but it passed through before we made it into Houston.  
Scout and Bubbie were thrilled, as you can see.  That's before they knew The Girl had a sofa, recliner, kitchen table and chairs, desk and chair, gigantic pine dresser, three night stands, queen mattress and box springs, baskets full of stuff, a cabinet, a hutch, bookcase, dog crate and bed, and a billion pounds of clothes and household items to move.   I didn't get pics of that process - we were way too busy making multiple trips back and forth between apartments that were approximately two blocks and two floors apart.
Hubby might have behaved poorly, since he was exhausted already.  I might have not been allowed to lift anything due to my elbow.  Teddy might have whined and cried a little in his crate, then pee'd in the service elevator as we were trying to wrap things up.  We might have mopped and vacuumed every spec of old apartment and made multiple trips to the dumpster.  And The Girl might have lost her $100 apiece apartment keys, then found them when we stopped to get gas on the outskirts of Houston going home.
I took a few pics of the apartment all moved into, though.  I wanted to remember how it looked in case I bought her some things for it.  As the boys delivered boxes, I unloaded them and set the empties out in the hall.
 I wanted her to come back to a calm and organized space.
(Look closely and you can see her "laundry room")
 That bottle of bourbon did not stay, however...
 Her new place is nicer that our first house!  Lots of room for Teddy and she to be comfortable in.
The moving crew was pretty worn out.  While we waited for a load of cleaning rags to wash and dry we even put the Christmas tree up.  Then we packed up the leftover pizza and some frozen items into a cooler and headed back to Camp Rustown to get ready for Thanksgiving the next day.  All in all, I'd say it was a successful, if not always delightful, transition.  I hope she and Teddy enjoy the new space, and I am glad we could get all of her things safely there and ready for the holidays!

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Kim said...

I love that this was a family affair...and yes, her place is nicer than our first apartment, too...and bigger than our first house! ;) That kitchen! Wow.


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