Monday, October 10, 2016

What the week holds, and steady on

A couple of weeks ago my mother fell in her yard and fractured her arm.  She managed to gather her wits, call a neighbor to take her to the ER, then call a couple of my sisters for help.  I didn't hear about it until Monday, but it sounds like she was in capable hands.
One sister took the chickens back to her house, the other took my mother and her dog to hers.  I followed up the next week, making sure the trash was taken out, the dishes cleaned, the fridge in order, mail collected and clothes fetched.  I know I am not making the same sacrifices as my sisters, but I am willing to do what I can to help.  So I will probably go back there to make sure all is well with the house and pick up anything else Mother needs.
 My mother will tell you herself that she makes for a poor houseguest.  Not the least of which because she cannot seem to get comfortable enough to sleep.  But also because she is rather set in her habits.  Combine that with a hostess that, while gracious, is not patiently putting up with a lot of nonsense, and you have a miserable 86 year old that wants desperately to be back in her own home.  But before she can go back to business as usual, we are going to have to make some changes.  The chickens are not going to be able to control the entire yard, scratching deep holes that make navigating the yard treacherous (culprit #1).  And stairs may have to give way to ramps.  And slippery throw rugs have to go away.  As well as tennies that have worn soles. (culprit #2)  And having a regular lawn service come and take care of the mowing is definitely a must.  She has no business on a riding lawnmower, especially in that hole-y yard!
I want to encourage my mother to live independently as long as she can.  I feel like taking her away from all of her things - her friends, her routine, and her freedom - is not a good thing.  And except for falls hazards around the house, I feel like we can accommodate that.  Let's just see how the sisters feel about it in a couple of weeks.. This week I have to schedule more PT for my elbow, give Hubby a haircut, work on Friday as well as help with catering committee and go to a football game.  I may pick up my mother for a "time out".  Last week I took her to lunch where we enjoyed us some Mexican Martinis.  Thank God she was steady on her feet when we got back to my sister's house!  Today and tomorrow I need to get the potted plants and some other things out of the fence guys' way.  Plus, laundry and dishes need to be addressed today...Whew!  
What does your week look like?


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Ellen Ross | Ask Away said...

I'm so sorry for what happened to your mom but im glad shes okay!
XO Ellen from Ask Away


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