Friday, August 26, 2016

So...we are buying some land...

For months now, Hubby and I have been talking about our Plan B - what we would like Life to look like after the last bird leaves the nest.  And to that end, he's been researching land for sale in the Texas Hill Country.  And I think he found a winner - a 5 acre lot in Burnet county, with two other smaller parcels that gain us access to the boat launch owned by the property owner's association.
 Looking off to the right as you enter the driveway from the road.
OK, this is where the country driveway takes a turn, literally and figuratively.  One of the previous owners was a distributive education instructor.  So there are loads of BIG trash on the property.  Like boats.  And tires.  And empty tanks.  And trailers.  And other stuff I don't even know what it is.  For now, let's just continue the tour...
The paved road ends and a crushed stone drive begins.  And so do beautiful views.  See the speck of blue just there?
 Hills and trees!
 Cacti!  And, we do have neighbors, but you pretty much can't see them, and they can't see you...
 Gratuitous pic of my hiking boots
 About the only sounds you hear up here are motorboats on the lake, far below.
Hubby put on some pants protectors to take me on a walking tour.  As you can see, the more excited he got about it the further ahead of me he progressed - I was still worried about tripping over cacti and rocks!
 Another pretty view.  That's Lake Buchanan.
We were told there is a flock of wild turkeys up here, and other critters like foxes and the occasional bobcat or mountain lion.  And we saw plenty of scat, but no critters.
 The property is bordered on one side by a county road, and surrounded by ranch land on the back.  Lots of trees - mostly oak and cedar.
 My favorite shot:
Notice the absence of trash in the pictures...I will show that next time, if we happen to get financing and go out there again to show the boys.  But the owner agreed to clear most of it away as a condition of the sale (the biggest stuff) and the rest we either keep to use, recycle, sell, or haul off.
Along the way we talked about perhaps building there some day.  We don't have to decide that right now - as long as we have the first piece of the puzzle, we can fit the rest together later.  And we can take Mabel out there a few times and get the feel of it - where does the sun hit and when?  That sort of thing. 
On the way back out, I spot a pile of rock gravel we can use to augment the road up to the top of the property.  And a nice shady oak.  Not pictured:  a rock "cliff" that surrounds the property from the county road side, landscaped by ferns - so pretty.  Wish us luck - every time Hubby and I attempt something like this, that we just "feel" is right, it seems to work out for the best.  And every time, I'm amazed that I'm a grown up that can do such things!  Ha!

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