Friday, August 12, 2016

5 thing Friday - stitching, Seniors, sauces, plates, reading

I've been doing little cross stitch projects here and there.  I really need to start thinking about the holidays and what I might want to stitch up.
In the meantime, this was a saying contributed by a sweet lady who works in the cafeteria at the hospital. Grammar aside, its a reminder to me to be authentic, whether I think someone will approve or not.
Can my baby actually be a senior in high school?  I anticipate needing a box or two of Kleenex this year.  So many "lasts" to come, so many "firsts" to look forward to.
Last month I took the three frames down from my Wall of Seniors, found another frame just like them (except it was white), gave them all a fresh coat of paint so they would match, and added in Bubbie's portrait.
Seventeen forever, all four of them together.
In a frenzy, I whipped up several jars of marinara and homemade enchilada sauce recently.  Last night I simmered some of the enchilada sauce with chicken breasts and served them with rice, and zucchini.  So good and no oven required.
I found a pretty Pier One plate while out thrifting that already had a hanger attached. I had just read a post form this blogger showing different plate collage walls.  I love the idea but I don't have near enough of them to do a big enough display yet.  And I don't want to buy just any old plates to hang unless I love them.  But this one is sweet!
I added it to the wall behind my washer and dryer.  Someday I will find enough beautiful ones to make a bigger display, maybe in the dining room.  I love the wooden heart bowl, and the other two that are from my mother's travels to China and Portugal.
I finished my first book purchased on the Nook.  It was a meh book, but it was fun using the Nook to read.  So, I bought Harry Potter and The Cursed Child and am alternating that with one of my paperbacks from a growing collection that I've been adding to from the thrift stores.  As the summer continues and the days seem to get hotter, reading in my air-conditioned bedroom is becoming more and more my go-to leisure activity!
Happy Weekend!

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