Friday, July 29, 2016

5 thing Friday - apetizers, scrubs, Gourdough's, seniors, cars

Summer Happy Hours at home are a thing - cheaper and less stressful than rushing to get someplace on time in the heat and traffic of Austin on a Friday.  No thanks. 
Plus, you can pick up a nice wine at the grocery store to serve with your cream cheese and fig jam, summer sausage, and mini Club crackers. Also, look at my pretty Talavera-style serving plate!  $8 at HEB.
A friend at work cleaned out her scrubs closet and passed some on to another friend.  THAT friend gave me the ones she turned down.  Then I went through THAT pile and found about 7 to keep!  Bonanza!  I'm pretty well set for scrubs now as the first friend also gave me two complete solid sets a few weeks ago.
I don't mind second-hand a bit.  The rest of the stack went to Goodwill along with a bunch of stuff in the giveaway pile in the garage.  I feel like our house will eventually burst from all of the stuff we own - it's too much.  I have to do it bit by bit; otherwise Hubby panics.
 Bubbie and I visited Gourdough's  on Wednesday as our last lunch out before band camp.
The food was good, but not so good I'd drive across Austin in the rain to pluck down $10 for a BLT on a donut again. 
 The creamy corn was wonderful, though.
 As was the Dirty Bird - lemon pepper chicken breast with pesto, fresh mozzarella, and red peppers.
For dessert we had Salty Balls - cream cheese icing and salted caramel butter sauce on donut balls with chopped peanuts.  They arrived warm in a cute cast iron pot.  YUM.
I got the proofs back from Bubbie's senior portrait sitting, so it's time to update my Wall of Seniors in the bedroom. (note:  I disagree that you shouldn't have picture of your family or kids in the bedroom.  The bedroom is my happy place to read and stitch - why wouldn't I want to be surrounded by images of the people I love?)  I found another frame to match the others and gave all four of them a fresh coat of black spray paint.  In a couple of weeks my grouping will be complete - four kids in senior pics, four kids all the way through high school.  I can hardly believe it!
I had hoped that Bubbie would have his license and car by now, but the infrastructure and wheels of progress at Camp Rustown are moving along so slooowly.  Hopefully, it will get resolved soon - The Girl is driving home this weekend and she and Scout are discussing her selling the Accord to him.  That way, Bubbie will drive the Baja.  And all six of us will have wheels. 

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