Monday, May 2, 2016

What the week holds: loving my closet

Hubby goes on a business trip this week.  All the planning and purchasing of his new work wardrobe has paid off in that he always looks sharp!  I don't know why I put off a major overhaul of his clothes for so long.  He really needed a complete re-do.  Makes me feel a little guilty that I didn't take care of it sooner!
The best part of all that was that he went through ALL of his stuff and we got rid of bags and bags of clothes, shoes, name it.  And had we never pulled all of the "office" out of this closet I wouldn't even have been able to begin to organize his clothes.  It was a disaster!  There are still things in the master closet that I would like not to have there, but overall, I'm very pleased that I was able to talk him into converting it back into a REAL clothes closet. (And even though we got rid of so much, look at how many shirts he still has!  Crazy!)
He has even stored his sleeping bags and hiking pack back in the garage, leaving all kinds of space under the rods on his side.  Empty space = glorious!  Not to mention, the closet does not smell like a hike in the woods.
He has even managed to keep it all neatly stacked. This is big, I tell ya.
There is a fairly full coat and jacket rack here, but it's completely manageable.  In fact, I think I will rearrange this rod so that the suit coats are not in the corner.
My scrubs and shirts have plenty of room to hang, too, but wouldn't it be great if we could move that shelving out of there?  Baby steps, I guess... You move it out of here, you have to find it a new home.  That Christmas stuff has to stay put, though.
That large straw basket is the home for tennies and houseshoes and sandals.
The shelves above my hanging clothes are still neat and somewhat decorative, though a little cluttered-looking from a distance.  But I have managed to regularly go through my own clothes, too, weeding out what I don't wear and simplifying what I do.
One of the best things about this space is being able to vacuum in here without running into stuff stacked under the clothes.  No shoe boxes for me - I feel like they keep the shoes stinky, anyway.  And I like grabbing whatever pair I am looking for without a wall of boxes to dig through.
It's not a fancy closet - no pricey wallpaper or chandeliers for us.  But it's so much neater, nice smelling, and manageable than it was before.  Every day I walk into our "walk in" closet I cheer myself for getting it cleared out.  And now looking at these photos inspires me to clear a little bit more out.  Maybe that can be a project for me this week while Hubby is on his trip!


Sarah Mueller said...

Looks great! I love an organized closet :)

Jenniferjuniper said...

I really have to tackle this space in my house!


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