Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Where it stands - the master closet clean-out

I feel a little under the time gun with this project.  For the short term, I want to get The Lounge cleared out of all the stuff that was transferred from this closet - The Girl is coming to visit this weekend.  For the long term, there's my knee problem, which God-willing will be fixed soon, and the impending holidays.  I won't have the time or the ability to finish it if I don't do it now.  Ever notice how things go into warp holiday speed after Halloween?  So, here's where I'm at, and please pardon the crappy pics:
The top shelves have been cleared of photo albums and assorted items.  I will be hanging the portraits and certificates that I have no where else in the house to hang.  It will keep them from harm's way, plus we'll still get to enjoy them.
I need to clear old textbooks off these shelves and see what all is up here.  A lot of it can just plain GO.  There is a typewriter up there, and out-moded software. 
 I put some of Hubby's tees and winter things that rarely get worn in storage boxes above the hanging jackets.  I had a ton of Christmas stuff stored up there before - it went back to live in the laundry closet, where I can reach it better anyway.  And by the way, I bought a new rod (what happened to the old one?) which is why it's so light in color.  Now our suits and jackets have a place all their own.  Those flat envelopes have certificates I would like to hang, when I figure out where I will have unobstructed wall.
He still has this little hidden nook for some schtuff.  Also, all of the shelves got thoroughly dusted and a fresh coat of paint.
Half of the metal shelving gone - oh, happy day!  The scout stuff will get organized in the garage on the other half of the shelving.  I'm going to need storage boxes for that project, too.  Eventually that printer will go away forever and we'll get a wireless one that will live in The Lounge.  But probably, all of the ham radios will stay, as the cables for the antennas go into the attic from this corner of the master closet.
Here is the best pic I could get of the light fixture, which I really like.  I think I may change the bulbs out - they give a weird blue cast to everything.  But before this fixture we had a ceiling fan in here.  So this is a nice touch. 
There is still plenty of room for hubby's pack and various tote bags of stuff he doesn't want to store in the garage.  And moving the suits made for more room and less wrinkling of his dress shirts.  A good project would be to have him go through his clothes and get rid of some.  The man has more clothes than I do, and some of it he doesn't even wear.
 Overall, I am pleased with the extra space and organization in here.  Just seeing it makes me feel less stressed!  I added a plug in air freshener, so it smells good, too.  It's the little things, right?
However....I have the items I removed to deal with.  They need to be organized and stored elsewhere, preferably the garage. 
 That's where the rest of the shelves come in.  Hopefully I can get it done in a day so he doesn't freak out seeing the mess.  He does that.  Then I have to remind him:  I have a vision.  Calm down.
Photo albums I have no idea where to put.  But I will figure it out!  I have a lot left to do...guess that means I better make the most of the next three days off.

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Simply LKJ said...

I am right there with ya. Need to clean out before things get crazy! Our daughter is flying home for the break tomorrow.


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