Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Welcome to Not a Pinterest-Worthy Home!

One of the things I love most about being home during a weekday is how much I can get done.  Especially in the area of Cleaning All The Things.  When I get it all pretty I pause and admire it.  Ahh!  Nice.
I was telling a friend that helping Bubbie with his smelly laundry and room makes me wish my house was "Pinterest worthy" and would stay that way.  I guess what I really meant was I wish it would stay looking clean and smelling wonderful for more than one day!

 A lot of times I will look at Pinterest or a blog pic and think - Where's the REAl part of that person's house?  Where are the signs that a family lives there?  It's nice for my house to be neat, but I would go nuts trying to remove everything that didn't fit in with some artistic vision or wasn't matchy matchy enough.  And I don't have all day to "style" areas of my house to photograph.  Case in point:  the flip flops that Hubby insist live right there by the bookcase.  And the weather gadgets that crowd the third shelf.
On this blog you will see a reasonably clean kitchen with wallpaper from the early 90's and oak cabinets I don't want to paint.  As well as laminate!  And the kitchen chairs I may never get around to painting. You will also see a hopelessly outdated director's chair and doilies made by my mother.
Clean and calm in here during the day makes me pretty happy.  If our home was in a constant state of "improvement" I think I'd never get to actually relax and enjoy it.  There's only so much you can paint or recover or rearrange...might as well enjoy our house.  We will change what we can, make the rest work for us.
I don't follow trends like current paint color of the year, or ship lap on walls, or chalk board paint on everything, or big geometric rugs, or fiddle leaf fig trees, or mason jars everywhere.  I just try to do what makes it comfortable.
  Here is our home:  full of people we love and things we don't stress over.


Simply LKJ said...

Love love love this!!! We were just talking about this at Bible study yesterday. All the darn comparisons!!! What most don't see is the messes just outside the camera shot they WANT us to see!!! A home should be loved and lived in, and make those who lived their feel comfortable. Not like a stranger in their own home. I would guarantee you that 75% of the kids whose rooms have been "decorated" for mommy's blog would tell you they actually hate their rooms if able to speak open and honestly.

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Amen, sista!! I often wonder where some people hide their "stuff" like magazines, mail, newspaper, etc....I think it is often the difference between a house and a home - comfort is the most important!
I noticed the burlap tied around your candlesticks - cute idea!!


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