Monday, April 11, 2016

What the week holds: Laundry for Firstborn

One of the few things I can do to help Firstborn out nowadays is to help him with his laundry.  Though he is a grown person, he has a sweaty, stinky job as a mechanic working long hours, six days a week.  So, a mama wants to help smooth out the sharp edges, you know?  Adulting is hard.  And laundry is something I can do very well...
He brings it over in this plastic hamper and it is packed in there!  This is what it looks like with a load missing - he waits until he is OUT of clean stuff for work.  It's usually on a weekend that I see him, after I have worked a 12 hour shift.  But it can't be helped as Sunday is his only day off.  And sometimes he will get it started, but most times I would rather he just wait for me to start it - I'm less likely to overload the washer.
We normally use detergent pods, but his stuff requires a different type of laundry soap - I've been using Tide, but I will switch to Whisk as I have read it's better at getting rid of all the grease.  When we were using the Purex or Arm&Hammer pods, there would always be a grease ring in the drum.  To me that says the grease wasn't properly dealt with!  Sometimes I add a scent booster, and I usually use liquid softener in the wash, sheets in the dryer.  And yes, the hamper gets sprayed with Lysol!
It's nice to focus on helping one of my kiddoes out after helping everyone else's all weekend...I have healthy people who are pretty much grown.  Not for a moment do I forget to feel grateful.

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Lisa B said...

Try Lestoil if you can find it, it gets out grease, animal manure and just about anything my family gets into
I buy it in bulk.


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