Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday's frugal shopping - the Tarjay edition

Every now and then I make a Target run for something I forgot on my regular trip to HEB.  I will stroll the aisles, looking at everything and, nine times out of ten, I will find something I forgot I needed.  That sounded silly, but really!
Hubby needed a lamp for his office to soften the light in there.  I found a masculine desk lamp marked down to $7.50 and added a ten dollar shade in a herringbone grey.  I also found a new wall clock for the home office for $10.
It's smaller than the one we had in there before, but Hubby wanted that one for his work office. {Are brass and gold coming back into vogue?  For me, they never went out...} His office is slowly but surely shaping up.  But already so much nicer than the old office - hooray for a new office, new job, new possibilities!
Also, clearance always cracks me up.  Big jars of parmesan at less than half price.  For some reason, we are going through a lot of it lately.  Parmesan will freeze well - sold!  Plus, I had a BOGO offer on shampoo which Target accepted at $1 over the purchase price of the free item.  So that extra dollar could go towards...
...a bottle of wine marked down half price.  Not a shabby Target run, I say.

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