Friday, April 15, 2016

5 thing Friday - potted babies, herbs, dishes, beans, painting

I moved a couple of plants indoors since they are smallish and theres no kitty here to chew on them...
The aloe vera plant apparently enjoyed this pot so much it cloned itself.  
The two of them are loving life.
The smaller of the two holds an asparagus fern.  
I put some pretty stones in the pots just because.
 At Easter, we had a delish pork tenderloin rubbed in fresh herbs and garlic.  Since there were fresh herbs left I dried them out, crumbled them, and added to my spice jars.  I've done this many times before - always works great.  Why waste?  Fresh herbs are pricey.
 HEB Plus had these great plastic Talavera-style plates and bowls - perfect for Mabel.  It will be fun to discover them again when we get ready to travel this summer.
I bought a bag of black beans for $1.18 and cooked them in the crock for several hours with water and a dash of salt, then let them cool a bit.  So much cheaper than canned beans.  I will cool them completely in the zip loc bags and then freeze them for future meals.  Each bag holds the equivalent of a 15 oz can.
The paint I used in the boys' bathroom - so easy to clean up and looks really nice.  I am planning to give the front door a fresh coat since we are expecting sunshine today.
Happy Friday, all!

1 comment:

bj said...

I love fresh herbs..even dried ones. You are smart to do this.
I cook beans in my crockpot and freeze them,too.


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