Friday, January 22, 2016

Assistance League thrift store stop

There is a stretch of Burnet Road in Austin that is very much like S. Congress Ave.  Full of thrift shops and nifty places to eat along the length of it.  On my way home from donating blood last week I stopped in at the Assistance League thrift store.  The ladies from AL are a presence at the children's hospital, organizing and sorting and handing out books and toys to the patients.  Its a good cause and they run an awesome shop, full of vintage wonderfulness!  I spent $26 and got:
 a red plaid dress shirt for hubby with two silk ties ($10 total),
A new to me book, and a stuffed animal pattern - I think the chickens would make a fun gift for my mother!
 I also found a couple of yards of fabric ($6)  to re-cover den cushions, and a crochet afghan ($5) to toss over the rocking chair.
Some pretty lace doilies (about 50 cents each)  - I have a plan someday of attaching a bunch of them in a row to make a free form table runner.
A fun way to kill an hour on my way home, and I bought only things I thought I could really use.  That's the hidden trouble with thrift shopping - bringing home more clutter.  But since I purge regularly and only look for things I can use, I feel pretty good about this haul!  What about you, done any thrifting lately?

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Rue said...

I haven't been thrifting in a long while, because it's been too cold here, but since it's going to be in the upper 50s this week, I might just leave the house for more than the grocery store lol

Your home looked beautiful for Christmas, Gina and Happy belated Birthday to your boys :)



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