Friday, December 18, 2015

5 thing Friday - Eating and drinking OUT, beautiful Texas, more ornaments, band concert, dishwasher

I have discovered that Happy Hour makes us considerably more happy than it should.  
Recently, we went as a family to Happy Hour after our photo shoot.  Two of the six enjoyed a soda, and all of us enjoyed the queso bar.  My new favorite thing ever is the Mexican Martini.  
 Trust me, they were happier in real life than they appeared in these pics.  {Though I am sorry to say, the service at Chuy's in the bar is abysmal.}
 But you would never know it.
(Hubby is smiling on the inside)
People who think it's never Fall here, probably don't live here.  True, it's very mild, and as I type its much like Spring outside, though we are days away from Christmas.
 On a recent Sunday Hubby and I went to a wine partay shindig at Driftwood Estates.  Beautiful weather, great live music, fabulous scenery, tasty snacks, and great wine were enjoyed.  We had a wonderful afternoon - can't wait for the next one in February!
 I added about 48 more ornaments to the tree.  I'm done now, promise.
The Winter Concert at the high school.  My kid is always the one looking away from me.  Sigh...their group played Chanukah is Here, Sun Cycles, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.  It was a looong evening but a great end to the fall semester.  Hooray for finals ending and winter break beginning!
A new dishwasher was purchased for Camp Rustown.  (things are dying here left and right - the Escape, my blow dryer, the iron...) It's super quiet and the dishes come out sparkling.  I LOVE IT.  The old one sits sadly in the garage awaiting the next Big Trash Day.
Hubby and I have enjoyed two days off together, filled with Christmas shopping, eating breakfast out, and his office Christmas party for tonight.  Then, it's back to the grind for me tomorrow.  This morning we ate a plate of migas here.  Followed by me sluggishly trying to get my Friday chores done.  Lest you think all we do is drink and eat, take note:  Hubby has lost a lot of weight and had a great check-up at the doc's this week.  Onward, to Christmas!

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