Friday, December 4, 2015

5 thing Friday - corks, jeans, tree skirt, beans, and people I love

Hubby and I enjoy us some wine.
So much so that we have one of these vases filled halfway.  Guess it's time to see what crafts I can make with a billion wine corks.  Gosh I love that vase...a trip to IKEA is planned soon, as Bubbie is in need of new furniture.
 Size 12.  yes, ma'am.  I can wear them, and wear them I have.  I have spent a lot of time this week not focusing on myself, but that is temporary.  I am getting rid of the size 14's.  That's right.  You heard me.
The girl was a HUGE help to me in getting the kids' tree set up and all of the ornaments out and ready on Thanksgiving Friday.  She greatly admired the burlap tree skirt I made a couple Christmases ago.  So I offered to make her one.
Hers is simple, not ruffly - I ran out of time and fabric.  But lookee at this sparkly burlap I found at Hob Lob.  So pretty!  I sent it to her along with some sewing repairs that she left here.  In return she sent me a Blueray DVD player we bought her last birthday.  Seems she no longer needs it since she has a fancy schmancy TV.  Must be nice.  Our second Wii died, so it is much appreciated for Netflx viewing.  I'm not complaining...
However, halfway through the second tree skirt I started (since the first one was ALL WRONG), the iron died.  Curse you, Black and Decker.  I will never buy another iron from you again.  This is like the third one that's died in as many years.  Hello, recycle bin, meet iron.
 A pot of beans with spiral sliced ham scraps smells like love itself.  Add garlic toast and you may as well have died and gone to heaven.  I made pumpkin bars, too, because all things pumpkin are on clearance at Tarjay.
 People I love.  Must. Remind. Myself.  Even when they act bad.
 Or irritating. Or silly.
 And yes, our kids have gotten a half glass of wine every year at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day since way back when.  We all toast each other and have it with our meal and no one acts the fool.  'Cause that's how you learn how to fit things into your growing up life.

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Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Boy, those size 12 jeans look great, it's been a while for me - LOL As for all of your corks, there are so many ideas on Pinterest. I made a cork wall and it took over 800 corks (I guess we enjoy a sip now and then, too!! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Holidays


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