Monday, September 14, 2015

Happy Belated 24th birthday, Girlie!

 There probably won't ever be a post of mine with old pre-digital photos that aren't great quality - if I weren't so lazy I would scan the negative in instead of trying to take a pic of the pic...oh well...that's OK, because I cherish all those oldies but goodies, and I only see the joy and the smiles.

The Girl turned 24 on Saturday.
I wish we could have visited her but she is living her Big Girl life in Houston, on her own terms, and with her own plans...however a gift* is on it's way to her and she has a rain check for birthday cake next time we see her.  It's weird when your kids get so big that they leave home and their birthdays belong to them, not you.  I'm not sure I like it, but as Hubby says:  "It is what it is".  

*will post pics soon of a fun thing I stitched!

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Rue said...

Well, Happy Birthday to your girl. I can only imagine how hard it is, but I do know one thing... they eventually get older and appreciate you ;)



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