Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A teen's room is his domain...

I was hoping that Bubbie would love all of the hard work I put into his gallery wall:
But, no.  He did not.  He called it his Narcissistic Wall.  Seems I broke Rule #1 - ask him what he thinks of the plan before I put it into action and take his wants into consideration.  My bad.
This morning he came to me asking where I had put his art portfolio - he wanted to trade out photos for his own art.  Fair enough.  After he left for school, I pulled it out from under my bed and found a couple that would work with the frames we already have.
It's hard to photograph this one in the frame.  There is so much detail in it - I know he worked on it a long time. We will go through the other art pieces and find others he might like to display.
 And I will keep this photo for myself:
 Teens can be hard to please and opinionated.  And their feelings about their room run deep, apparently! 

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