Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bubbie's gallery wall

I got the gallery wall together and here is where it stands - for now:
There's room for improvement, but I think it's a nice arrangement - only took an hour or so to figure out and a million nail holes to patch...
These are the pics I initially settled on - but I had forgotten that the beach pic was actually the one I'd chosen to have a canvas print made out of - so I subbed a piece of his art in that frame instead.  The photofinishing from Walgreen's was waaay off, so some of the black and white looked tinted an odd color.  The photo lab guy suggested that next time I ask for "true" black and white.  What?  Refund, please.
The Ten Things I Love About You poster is from Paper Coterie.  Originally it clung to the wall, but it kept falling.  I mounted it on some black poster board and put it in a black plastic frame we already had.
After I butchered the wall with holes trying to get the best layout, I patched with this:
Dries super fast.  YES, I know I could have used Command Strips.  YES, I know I could have taped pieces of paper to the wall to approximate the layout...I just have always used the eyeball method.  I have to see the actual picture there.  It usually looks great in the end.  Trust me, I'm very picky about such things!
Don't panic.  The tiny holes will disappear forever. This is touch-up paint drying.  FYI, did you know that Home Depot will "shake" your old paint for you?  Fo free. They did that while I picked out some satin finish black spray paint paint to touch up all of the frames so they would match.
And this is how I store the paint roller in the fridge, so I can make sure all the touch-ups are truly done.  There is nothing worse than putting it all up and seeing a spot you missed!
I left a bit of space between elements but I wasn't going for perfection here.
I like the touch of the colorful, matted art and it will be less "narcissistic", per Bubbie's request.  (How does he come up with these things, anyway?  He's such a funny kid sometimes!)
I kind of love it.  I think the wall color is great in here as a backdrop for the black and red.  And I will be able to add more elements in as time goes by...

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