Friday, September 26, 2014

Little things add up, take two

I have so little time to do big projects nowadays that little ones when they work out right, make my creative heart glad.  I've been looking at these bedroom lamps for so long thinking I really loved the shape of them, but the color, a washed-out wood finish, wasn't working in here.
 I was also noticing that the brass lamp I repainted years ago was starting to show some wear and tear.  And the paint finish wasn't doing it for me, either.
 Ick.  Shiny.
 And scuffed.
 The hardware I painted on the dressers was also scuffed.  I  used a combo of paint and primer last time, but four years of use was bound to take it's toll.
For all of these things I wanted more of a flat finish, like cast iron.  And this time I used a combo paint and primer that dried lightening quick!  I mean the whole project took me maybe an hour and a half - total. And the paint was only $5.
 The table lamps turned out lovely!  Lots of detail you can now see.
And the floor lamp - I love it!  No more scratches or shiny finish.  And the hardware on the furniture  looks great, too.  This isn't a fancy room, but it is neat and clean and comfy - just the way a bedroom should be! 
I would love to work on adding some curtains to frame out the window, and maybe new linens.  But a little spiffing on the lamps was waaay overdue and I'm glad I tackled that one thing.  Now to start on the master closet...
The metal shelving and all that Christmas storage is making me sad...

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Michelle said...

Great job on the lamps. I have a floor lamp that needs that same touch. Who knows maybe this weekend. Thanks for sharing.


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