Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little things add up...

Amanda at Serenity Now is hosting a Progress Party and I thought I would show the progress I've made sprucing up our master bedroom - I'm trying to be frugal.  I gathered up Bubbie and said, basically, let's go dismantle mom and dad's furniture.  See those top two drawer thingies on the nightstand? They are what remains of the top handle. The middle piece that goes between the two little ones is in a drawer...somewhere.
And it was originally brass.  And quite pretty.
All this time, I have been unable to open my drawer. And I couldn't find replacement hardware that matched.    So my solution was to drape a table cloth over it and pretend there were no drawers.  That worked for a little while. But it attracted cat hair and dust. I was ready for it to be fully functional again.  Here's the before, sans tablecloths (ignore that the bed is not made and the bed frame is showing, please!)

Also that the electrical cords are hanging out.
We aren't baby-proofing anymore - GO, US!
Eleven year old love to use tools,
so it took us only minutes to remove all of them,
but several hours of spray priming, spray painting and drying.
Frankly it wasn't as fun to paint and reattach as it was to remove...oh, well...

Above is my nightstand.  I had to substitute two drawer pulls for the top drawer, figuring when they were painted black who would know they weren't the originals? I also lined my nightstand drawers  with a black and white toile gift wrap aka drawer liner  Me likey toile.
Lastly, I added  "bumpers" to the underside of that glass on top,to keep it from sliding around.
That glass was re-cut from a broken pane of china cabinet; long story...
Thus furniture is not new - we got it when we bought our first house; it had belonged to Hubby's brother and was in storage. We have tried to take good care of it, mostly due to the economics of not being able to buy new stuff!  It's Bassett, so it will last a while.
I painstakingly cleaned the grooves of the furniture with orange oil and the room smells so nice!  I embroidered some white pre-printed  pillowcases to match the color scheme. They were easy and turned out nice.  This room is now much improved!
Once I get the chairs reupholstered, this room will be our sanctuary.


Anonymous said...

I love that word "sanctuary"!
It turned out really nice.
You are so patient to take
all of that apart : )

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I've never spray painted hardware before, but I want to try with our kitchen cabinets. :) It really did make a difference with your night stand. I think you're well on your way!

Thanks for linking up! I hope you are having fun "mingling." :)

Holly said...

Don't you love how such a little change can make such a big difference?
We have very similar furniture in our bedroom, also gifted to us years ago, also good quality (Thomasville) so it's not going anywhere. I'm trying to figure out how I can change it, too.

Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst said...

Nice progress! I am sure you will love it when it is all done. :-) Have you tried the dollar store for your ribbon? They are carrying grosgrain ribbon now :-)

Beverly said...

Little things do make a difference, don't they? Good job!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Great progress and a beautiful room...I
love your blog design.....


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