Wednesday, August 20, 2014

End of the summer for The Girl

When the girl heads back to Waco, it feel like the official end to summer.  That always makes me feel down in the dumps, even though there's a lot to look forward to in the fall.  Time to get this room packed up and back to being a sewing room.  I will miss knowing she will be at home every night, even if it was pretty late when she got in.
 I feel like I barely saw her  - she would come home briefly to plop down on the air mattress for a snooze before showering and heading off to another shift.  We only saw her for a couple of meals here and there.  (tho occasionally she took her brothers out to eat lunch and get a slushie at 7-Eleven)  I so hope she can drastically scale back her work hours and enjoy her last year at Baylor.  I'm not promising I won't stand here in the doorway of the empty room and shed a tear next week... 

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Brandi said...

Do you follow Lauren at ? Her daughter attends Baylor too. My daughter is a senior and I know the day she leaves I'll be shedding many tears too.


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