Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back to school lists

First on the list: Get mom a new laptop.  Nothing fancy - I'm not all about flash and advertising.  Just something with more storage space and a faster processor, thanks.  Red?  OK.  Whatever.
We don't need to keep up with the Joneses.
 Hubby will help me transfer over all of my files and Bubbie can have my old one for school.
Next, Bubbie's list.  One kid in school to buy crap for.  Glorious!  I could tell you horror stories of years past... like the year Firstborn was in 6th grade and had to have a certain color binder for each class, with a pencil pocket for each class, and a complete set of scissors, markers, pencils, highlighters, etc etc etc FOR EACH CLASS.  Plus certain paperbacks, and a certain calculator.  And I had two more peeps to buy for.  Add to that the clothes shopping and it was not a fun time.  Plus, don't get me started on the mountain of paperwork that came home to be signed, the checks to be was a nightmare.  I am soooo glad we are past all that!
Important item:  new car for mom!  We will designate the Escape as the new "kid car" so that Scout can get himself to school and work and help me pick up and drop off Bubbie when I cannot be there or when Dad is out of town.  
And how great is it to leave the back to school shopping up to a certain high school grad who can pick out what he needs and work within a budget?  I tell you truly - there are some awesome things about the kids getting older and the BTS list getting shorter.  It's been hot, still stressful at times, and we're all getting into a new routine...but it's been a productive week so far!

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Simply LKJ said...

Oh, I remember those days all too well. Hubby always dreaded August around here. I felt like all I did was write checks and sign papers!!! And, I would get even more aggravated come May when half of the "needed" supplies were never used!!!
Getting back into a routine here as well, back to being empty nesters!!


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