Friday, March 14, 2014

5 thing Friday - switchplate, memo board, knock off, steak!, and a doomed new potted plant...

When I touched up the paint in Bubbie's room week before last, I unscrewed his switchplate cover and gave it a coat or two of silver spray paint.  Spiffy!
He could care less.
He did however, notice that I re-covered his memo board. Where's the crap that was on it?", he asked. Then proceeded to put all of it back on.  Suit yourself - it's your memo board! (He's been saving the cork caps from every bottle of New Year's champagne for the past few years - I had no idea...)
They have these trays at Target that are super shiny and pewter-looking...I have a tray just like this.  I'm thinking with a little more of that silvery spray paint it might look nice on Bubbie's dresser...hmmm...currently he has a plastic plate to hold an assortment of stuff.
The boys go camping, I get steak!  NY Strip, seasoned with salt and pepper, seared on each side about 3 minutes.  Perfect!  Served with asparagus and red potatoes.  And after dinner, I went directly to bed and fell into a steak coma.  It was fabulous.
Did you know that if you buy a plant from Home Depot, then kill it by leaving it out to freeze to death because you thought Winter was over in Austin and it was safe to go ahead and pot a new one out on the patio, that they will give you another plant?  Tis true.

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