Friday, March 28, 2014

5 thing Friday - growing, feeding, chewing, haircutting, planning

Bubbie must be going through another growth spurt.  Pretty soon we'll have to change his nickname to Bubba, The Kid who ate Texas...I'm actually happy to see this sight!
Some blog I follow had a post about building pets a tray out of scrap wood to hold three feeding dishes. Instead of braving the far reaches of the garage searching for scrap wood, then wasting all kinds of time trying to build a tray, I bought a melamine dish at Tarjay.  Boom. The cat might not be able to stand the luxury of it all...
 Now if I could just get her to vomit up whatever hairball is causing her to ruin my carpets, it'd be swell.
 My theory on why my hair and nails look sooo bad this Winter is that I had stopped taking my vitamins and supplements. I did that in part, because it felt like the giant pills were getting stuck in my throat.  Chewables to the rescue.
I finally got my haircut moved up on my to-do list.  The lady didn't cut off as much as I asked her to, but I can live with it.  When I blow it dry, it looks halfway decent.  It's still thin, but feels like it's in Ok shape.  I'm very tired of worrying about my hair.
A friend has a sister who makes these cute cookies - I want to order some for Scout's graduation, but the ceremony is at an awkward time on a Friday.  So maybe I will plan a BBQ at our house the next day, and plan on having a cute cookie tray for that.  June seems so far away, but I know it will be here in a blink!

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