Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shabby chic tree skirt

 I did it!  The vision in my head of a burlap tree skirt turned out great!
At one point I was going to just bite the bullet and order one off Etsy.  But then common sense took over - I have a sewing room now, for Pete's sake!  And I can sew!  So I headed down to JoAnn with my 50% off coupon.  Here's where I was winging it - I had no idea how much fabric to buy.  I just eyeballed it at the cutting counter.
 When I got home, I ironed it folded it in half, and laid an old tree skirt on top of it for a pattern.  I estimate that this is about 2 yards of fabric.  And I ended up using that angel tree skirt under the kid's tree.
After I cut out my circle, I folded it in fourths and trimmed off the excess edges so it was perfectly round.
 See?  It was a little off.  No big whoop, but I was aiming for a little neater cut than that.
I then cut a triangle out of the top - wah la.  The opening for the base of the tree stand.  I cut a straight line down from that small circle to the edge of the skirt.
 I turned in the edges all around about 1/2 and inch or so and pinned them together just to hold my place.  I wanted to add a ruffle between the layers.
At the top opening, I attached a strip of bias-cut burlap, stitched it, folded it over, stitched it again.  I don't have a pic for all of that.
 Before I folded over and stitched the lengthwise opening, I pinned in some of that jute ribbon I got from Michael's to function as a tie.  I love that stuff!
 So I added it to the skirt as well. 
I spent about an hour pleating it and pinning it just so.  My rule is "pin twice, sew once". 
 I couldn't resist laying it all out to make sure it was going to work.
Then I set it aside for a few days.  (it made the whole Lounge smell like burlap - I love that smell.)  It does no good for me to rush through a project, or work on something once I feel tired of it.  That's where the project goes south - I'm learning...
 After a busy weekend, I was able to finish it up just before Thanksgiving  See the stitching holding the layers and the ribbon together? No? Good!
 Can't wait to put it out under the tree!
The two colors of burlap look great together and the ribbon being finished on the edges made finishing it so easy.
I think it turned out lovely.
And some of the ribbon made it to the top of the tree!

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