Friday, August 30, 2013

Tourist in our town - Barton Greenbelt, Laguna Gloria

I'm going to combine parks for this post.  It sure was fun getting out and seeing Austin - so many lovely, shady places.  I'm biased - I think Austin is such a beautiful place to live!
Laguna Gloria, in NW Austin is a lovely place.  Once owned by Clara Driscoll, and built in the early 1900's.
It sits on Lake Austin.  Scout is standing at the bottom of an amphitheater of sorts.  I remember accompanying The Girl's kindergarten class for a field trip here...oh, about 17 years ago...we ate on the steps leading down to this area.
Tours are free on Tuesday, but seeing how we weren't there on a Tuesday, we just walked the grounds.  It was hot as blazes.  So, there weren't many other people there.
Lots of scenic views.
And lots of old giant trees, which I LOVE.  
Barton Greenbelt was a little less exciting - after walking awhile along very treacherous root studded trail, we turned back.  We saw all kinds of walkers heading back towards us, so I know there's a cleared trail in there somewhere...
 Looks like you are in the middle of nowhere, but you can hear the roar of Mopac.
Watch your step!
According to the website it's a lush area and 809 acres.  However, there's still a drought happening here,
 The middle of Austin - seriously.
 It was really pretty, what we did see of it.  We decided to come back in the Fall when the foliage turns colors and it's not 40% humidity....
And since we are running out of summer here - Fall is not that far away!

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