Wednesday, June 5, 2013

100 things to do this summer

While the boys are camping for TEN GLORIOUS DAYS I will have to stay busy.  It freaks me out a little to be on my own for all day for that many days.  Sure, The Girl will be around - but only in the evenings.  By then I plan to be worn out, ready to go eat, because I am NOT cooking.  So here are my ideas for ways to stay busy and get some stuff done this summer:
Rustown Art

1. Plant grass or shrubs under master bedroom window
2. Clean out the van and get it ready to sell
3. Buy and hang new blinds in bedroom and den
4. Get a refurbished Wii that actually works
5. Sew something to wear - a skirt?
6. Plan and prep holiday giving
7. Change out air filters, clean ceiling fans
8. Go to the pool every day - learn to swim?
9. Walk daily
10. Go to a new restaurant daily.  Don't cook.
11. See a movie with my sister
12. Visit my sister's shop in Wimberley
13. Clean out my closet and drawers.  Make a list of clothes needed.
14. Update my planner and Google calendar
15. Meet my friend Carol for lunch - Deb, too
16. Get a pedi and a haircut
17. Sand and re-paint the kitchen chairs
18. Touch up paint throughout the house
19. Make a least a dozen freezer meals for Fridays
20. Take a class, learn a new craft
21. Plan end of summer vacay
22. Steam clean the carpets
23. Find family group photos for Christmas ornament project
24. Clean out the garage
25. Paint the coffee table?
26. Work on my tan.  Read a couple new books
27. Sand and touch up the kitchen cabinets
28.  Work on women's locker room bulletin board at work
29. Find a rug for the den
30. Paint house #'s on our curbs
31. Recaulk the bathroom tubs and shower
32. Make fig jam, strawberry jam, pickles
33. Work some extra hours
34. Thrift shop
35. Update my Shutterfly and iTunes libraries
36. Back up my blog and my computer
37. Donate blood
38. Go visit my mother and help her clean
39. Do some embroidery
40. Shop at Central Market
41. Clean the house top to bottom
42. Get some new sheets for master bedroom
43. Spiff up front door area with paint and plants
44. Take some pretty nature photographs
45. Catch up on filing
46. Repaint Bubbie's desk
47. Clean Bubbie's room and move stuff on the walls
48. Get Scout a new comforter
49. Plan our new office/spare bedroom.  Find a futon or sleeper loveseat.
50. Find 50 more things to do.
 Rustown Art

Today is the last day of school for them and I couldn't be happier about that.  I always feel like I need the break as much as they do.  The rest of the week is busy, but doesn't include getting up early to make lunches and catch the bus.  And I can start on a few projects before they go to camp.

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