Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chairs that need help!

I dread it, but I have to do something about them - the chairs I re-stained a few months ago...I hate them.  Well, not really.  I love them, I just hate the color.  Wood. UGH.  They blend in with the floor and cabinets in the kitchen and blending is not the look I am after.  I would love to paint each of them a different color: Butternut yellow,  Pumpkin Orange, Teal, Turquoise green...a different color per chair.  The same colors that are in the apron in the background and on the baskets on the counter and the mixer cover.  It's an IKEA stripe and I love it.  Too groovy?
Whatcha think?


Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

Oh wow! That's a big change but it sounds like it would be gorgeous. If it were my table, I would maybe think about keeping the tops of the seats one color - like the chocolate brown color of the basket holding the liner. Since the colors are so vivid, the brown may tie it all together. Just my two cents :)

Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

Is this what you're thinking?...

Marie said...

Well, since I am on an "off-white painting kinda
"kick"...I think it would look really nice in white or off white????
It would brighten the whole area.
Then you could add the Ikea type fabric as cushions to the chairs?

Jen said...

Gina, GO FOR IT!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine...and that's what they are...a reflection of me. So do the colors that speak to you and make you happy! good luck. :) BTW, I am your newest follower. Come see me at

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

I say go for it! After all, it's only paint! I think it would be fun to bring out some of the colors you are using elsewhere in the kitchen. Good luck, and thanks for visiting Red Hen Home!


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