Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What longtime friends do

Carol, Debbie and I met at the University of Texas as naive and sweet young things back in 1980.  We were fun-loving, and homesick, and excited...and we stuck together like glue!
We've each  gone through a lot since that time: marriages, a divorce, kids,  financial challenges,  moving, vacationing, job-changing....all of life's joys and heartaches in the last 30 years.  Here we are, a little more worldly wise and experienced! Ha! 
Carol was the brain; a 4.0er in high school and college, she was so practical and had a positive outlook on life and always set the bar high for her academics.  She came from a family with 5 kids and her parents were rock solid - sent all 5 through high school and college without a scrape.  I took to her immediately because she was such a darn good influence!  My roommate was Deb, sweet as they come, from Westpoint, NY but her family was orignally from Texas.  Though she dealt with an overbearing retired colonel for a step-father, she had an infectious laugh; the kind that mades you gravitate to her.  Still does. She is personable and outgoing - traits I do not have - and she draws you in.  As for me, I was homesick most of time, why I couldn't tell you, as my home life was less than desired.   I felt like like such a fish out of water most of the time.  But I was happy to be out on my own and I made some amazing friends who made the journey more exciting and fun.
Along with Carol and Deb, there was also Melinda, Connie, Lisa, Janie... these girls quickly became my second set of sisters.  I would share laughs and hard times with them for years to come.  Who could have known what a profound influence we would have on each other?  Serving as bridesmaids and godparents to each other? Coming together in family celebrations like there is a blood bond between us?  If I took nothing else from my time at UT, at least I found these very special life-long friends.  I wish the same for my daughter at Texas State!

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Debbie Tye said...

That is so sweet Gina...had to go find the kleenex! All very well said. I am so grateful our paths crossed. What a blessing the two of you have been to me over the years. It was great seeing you both. Let's not wait so long to get together again!


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