Friday, May 17, 2013

Lesson learned - hopefully

It felt like he was leaving a whole lifetime behind.  Like he didn't love, care about, or appreciate his family and our lives together. 
Silly of me.  
And I learned a very important lesson while cleaning out Firstborn's closet:
Rustown Art

Save some of their special art - that's great.  Photograph the rest for all eternity. 
Save photos, awards, and special collections.  But be choosey.
Save toys that you spent a fortune on IF you think someday they might be worth something or if you dream that grandchildren will come to visit some day.
But don't try to make the things that you treasure the things that they become burdened with.  Because, most likely, what's important or special or sentimental to you is not as special to them.  Let them choose.  Let them let go of some of the stuff.  Don't make them lug it around forever. It doesn't mean they are letting go of their childhood, or even you.  It will be tough, but so are you.
Lesson learned.

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