Monday, January 7, 2013

Mealplan Monday #42 and the end of Winter Break

I spent last Tuesday and Wednesday taking down Christmas at our house.  I gave myself two days to do it  because I clean and organize as I pack it away.
But I left up a few things that say winter to me - the little tree in the boy's bathroom,
 some pinecones in the china hutch and around the house,
and a few touches of red.  
Still, I was sad to see most of it go.  I didn't even use everything we own, but it seemed like a lot and the house was very merry!

Monday - Pinto and Pork Chops crock pot, corn muffins
Tuesday - Bacon waffles, eggs, OJ
Wednesday - Chicken noodle soup (using up grilled chicken and leftover pasta)
Thursday - Pulled pork for tacos, Spanish rice, lettuce, tomato
Friday - One Pot Spagetti, salad
Saturday - Dad grill
Sunday - Brisket (from Thanksgiving!), skillet fries, corn
I can't get over how empty it all looks in here. Clean.  But so empty.  It's kinda nice, though, having a big uncluttered area to relax in.  
But the grey skies outside added to the blahs...
And it doesn't help that the boys are headed back to school this morning...

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Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

I felt so sad taking down our tree this year too! Love the little touches you left here and there! Angie xo


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