Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kitchen cannister up-cycle

Some months back I purchased these very cute owl cannisters for my kitchen counter from Kirkland's. 
I love the colors and the shapes - and they are empty, yes, because just having them sit there makes me smile!
 What to do with the old ones, ca. 1995 from Tarjay?  The seals have long since failed, so they are really only good for display. (Note to self: there were originally 4 of them, must find the 4th one!)
I was thinking I could paint the lids and use them to store some small treasures...
Bubbie is really into collecting things - he used to bring home interesting rocks that he found in the school yard.  So cute.  He has a few shells, lots of marbles, the rock collection, and about a million tiny toys and mementos in a "junk box".
I think these cannisters are just perfect for displaying his stuff.  I sanded the lids, removed a couple of groddy rubber seals, and painted the lids with a soap and water washable enamel from Rustoleum.  It dies really fast - perfect for impatient people like me!
Marbles just naturally look fun in a jar.
The tall jar has tiny toys from Happy Meals and various mementos.  More fun seeing them here than having them stuffed into the closet.
In his room there is a shelf for toys and knick knacks, one for books, another two for mementos.  Bubbie is a great reader and loves to have a couple of books going at the same time.
He likes making origami things, too.  Yes, he figured out that Rubik's cube right after he got it...
I love these adjustable shelves.  He can reach his alarm clock easily, and we can change up the arrangement whenever we have a mind to!  Those are aromatherapy sprays - another story for another day...
Underneath sits his bookcase crammed with more books, VHS tapes (He collects James Bond and Star Wars), and magazines and such.
Bubbie is my Euphonium player.  (:  Notice the bed is no longer a bunkbed?  Time to spray paint it black to match the bed elevators and the dresser and desk.
He is my Christmas baby of 1998...I love him and his collections and hope he likes his new up-cycled storage jars!

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Marie said...

I love the way you used the canisters to display your son's special mementos! So creative. I am one of those people who am fascinated by collections.
I love it when children are into reading important! You are an awesome mom!
p.s. love the owls :)
super cute!

Kim said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I love the painted tops. Now I have more ideas for the next makeover!!


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