Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas at our house

The last couple of days went by so fast.  Since I worked Friday through Sunday, it seemed like Christmas was suddenly HERE.  Glad I got so much done in advance.  It gave me (and Hubby) time to just hang out, enjoying the warmth of our own home, full of our kids and good food.  He goes back to work today after a week and a half off.  I will miss having him around, but I have work to do, too - there are groceries to be bought and laundry to be done.  Plus, the boys have another week and a half of break, so there will be lunches and movies out, and they want to spend their Christmas gift cards.
post Christmas-gift-opening mayhem!
We had a great Christmas and feel so blessed.  We spent fun times together, going to see the Trail of Lights, a special Christmas Eve church service, playing games, watching movies, and celebrating Bubbie's birthday.  The house was pretty and cozy, with great things to eat.  It will be bittersweet when December ends, but I am so looking forward to what the New Year brings!


Marie said...

These are the moments we treasure :)
Your home/family does look cozy and happy and beautiful. Wishing you and yours a lovely new year! xo

Michelle said...

The best part of Christmas is having the family together. I am also looking forward to the new year.But I will miss two of my kids not being here.


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