Friday, December 21, 2012

Study in opposites

I stopped by my mother's house on Tuesday after lunch in Brenham with a friend.
 I think I woke her from a nap...
 She's the only elderly person I know who wears ruby earrings with a blue jean jumper while napping...
I brought her a gift: new pajamas with some homemade cookies, Crispix Mix, and a new leash for her dog, Gus, all packaged in a wicker basket.
I think she liked all of it!
 She made herself a quick lunch and sat down to visit.  Poured a coke...
 ...and enjoyed a fried Spam sandwich.  Not even kidding, that's what she ate.  Well, whatever bites she didn't feed to Gus.  The spoiled brat dog.
On her beautiful kitchen tablecloth, hand embroidered and with crocheted lace, sat this re-purposed ICBINB container made into a napkin holder.  I've seen it all now, folks.
A study in  opposites, my mother and me.
And my gift from her?  More beautiful handmade work in the form of a dresser doily with crocheted lace.  It's so beautiful that Hubby thought it was machine made.  Nope.
 It found its way onto  the bookcase in the hallway.
A second one is completely of crochet in two shades of turquoise.  So lovely!  Can you believe she calls these "tacky homemades"?  Might as well be gold to me. I cannot make such things.
It found it's way to my kitchen counter.  
Frugality, beauty, art, function.  
Those things are all related...
It's all in how you look at it.


Annmarie Pipa said...

whjat a fun post!! your gifts to each other are so beautifully thoughtful!
Merry Christmas!

NorasGranddaughter said...

I like your Mom! Her work is beautiful! I would love to know where she got her pattern for her doilies.


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