Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas cards this year

When the kids were little it seemed easier to get a pretty pic for Christmas.  Or maybe I'm hallucinating.  I always made sure everyone was dressed semi-nice, somewhat color-coordinated and in a family-friendly pose someplace like a park or fancied up fireplace.  They came out nice enough, but it took a good hour and many attempts.  So, the last couple of years I have relaxed the standards a bit.  Wouldn't do to have everyone dread this one small task that adds so much to our family card.  Here is what we got this year:
The color seems off, but I was determined to just get 'er done and get those cards ordered so I didn't obsess over that.  I think it turned out well - all of us were looking at the camera, with a smile, no one making silly hand gestures, and no tee shirts with questionable logos.  
Go, us.

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