Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween front door

I took the Fall wreath down and moved the potted plants to make room for a little spookiness at the front door:
I used the same wreath from last year - mylar garland wrapped around a grapevine wreath with a wired-on sign from Joann's.
 I spray painted an old terra cotta pot with orb, stuck a pumpkin on it, tucked in some preserved leaves and tied on some burlap ribbon.  My version of a pumpkin topiary!
 Added the hairy spider and some mini pumpkins.

 I set a small pot of mums in a skull head - we have used it for years this way.
 The small pot got sprayed with orb, too and some creepy excelsior "hair" hides the top of the plastic mum pot.
This Halloween will be Scout's 17th birthday, so I have quite a bit more decorating to do on the back patio where he will hang out with his friends eating pizza and listening to music while the grown folk pass out candy and sip spiced cocoa.
What are the plans at your house?

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