Wednesday, October 3, 2012

20 little things I love about Fall

Is there any better time of the year?  I think it has to do mostly with the heat of the Summer winding down, also the anticipation of the holidays and all the fun that here's a list of Camp Rustown favs in no particular order!

Cooler weather, open windows.
Planning for the holidays - getting gift and greeting card lists ready, 
scouting recipes,  and getting my kitchen in order...
Birthdays!  Mom, The Girl, Scout.
Our 27th wedding anniversary.
Sweet potatoes, acorn and butternut squash, pumpkin spiced anything.
Thanksgiving - best holiday EVER.
Cozy flannel sheets and warm quilts.
Sprucing up the patio and putting out the firepit for cozy s'more making and cards.
Working on the lawn and garden - much easier to do in the Fall - 
and enjoying the outdoor color.
Decorating with beautiful color inside the house, too.
Soups and stews and warm rolls from the oven, not to mention homemade cookies! 
Fuzzy socks and house shoes, jeans and long sleeve shirts.
Taking the holiday card photos.
Wrapping up in a warm afghan and reading a book.
Hubby growing his "winter beard".
Visiting the pumpkin patch and picking out a few for home.
 Planning our Camp Rustown Halloween scene.
Getting a Fall Yankee Candle.
Warm apple cider,hot cocoa, and pulling the Keurig out of storage.
And the anticipation of Christmas...

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Cheryl said...

A lot of things on your list would show up on my list too...pumpkins, sweet potatoes, homemade treats, socks, candles! Autumn is the best time of year!

(Thanks for your visit at Thinking About Home, and for your kind words.) :)


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