Friday, June 15, 2012

Fathers Day 2012

Scout helped me photograph he and his siblings for a Father's Day gift for Hubby.  So hard to get them all in one place nowadays!  So we improvised with individual photos.  I printed off large letters and mounted them on cardboard for each kid to pose with.
Some people were more patient than others...
I literally spent 1 minute on The Girl's picture as she was racing off to work!
We kept the backgrounds fairly simple and shot them in black and white.
And I couldn't resist getting a new one of Scout and I.  
What a sweet kid!

I love that each one of them shows a distinct personality.  It's something you miss sometimes with group shots. Over the course of 24 hours we got all four done, then headed to Walgreen's with my flash drive to print them.
We made several collages and I just pulled out all of the card stock I had to choose a color to make a card.
I ended up making the card with this one that had a burlap background.  At some point I want to make a ceramic collage mug.  I have several of them and I love how they bring back happy memories.
I put the individual pics in some magnetic frames for his office file cabinet.  One day I may print them again on matte paper and make art I can hang, but I was under the time gun here...
We also got him a new chef's knife and are planning to take him out to eat, 
then home to eat these brownies for dessert.
Hope he likes the photos as much as I do!

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